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Full Automatic Pancake Machine


1. High-quality pancakes can automatically be produced with high productivity.
2. The machine reproduces customers’ unique specifications, such as the heat level and flipping position during baking.
3. Illustrations on the control panel display the status of each mechanical part during operation.
4. Easy installation or removal of equipment reduces product changeover time and improves productivity.
5. Structure with fewer parts in the product zone reduces the risk of foreign material contamination and industrial accidents.

About the Full Automatic Pancake Machine

Pancake production is fully automated with the Full Automatic Pancake Machine. It automatically applies oil, deposits batter/dough, bakes, flips, and removes the products, deposits filling, stamps the products, sandwiches the filling, and seals the sides. We have a large lineup of machines with a variety of production capacity from 850 to 14,000 pieces per hour.

Production Capacity

850 sandwiches/hour
2,400 sandwiches/hour
6,000 sandwiches/hour
12,000 sandwiches/hour
14,000 sandwiches/hour

*Production capacity varies depending on the baking time.

Food and confectionery that can be produced with the Full Automatic Pancake Machine

Sandwich Pancake

Single Pancake

Tiger Pancake

Chocolate Burger

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