We would like to welcome those, who are looking for a reliable partner to realize their food project.

Dvorak handles all orders ranging from single, stand-alone machine to a complete production line. All our machines are designed to be easily handled by minimal operation, easy to clean and maneuver, and are extremely durable.Dvorak machines and production lines, together with its concept are built on careful respective planning & designing in order to meet the exact outcome the each and every customer expects. It will increase the chances of your company on success on the global market, together with increasing your production capacity and create innovative confections for almost any type of occasion. The equipment offered by Dvorak supplies running direction of flowchart and equipment recommendation on the ground of the obtained information from the customer related to the product item, expected production capacity, site actual condition, etc. Via the by Dvorak suggested technological concept and know-how, using the enhance machine production capacity is much easier to make the production capacity stable and to bring a higher benefit to the investment.

DVORAK and its team of specialist, would like to ofer you its services, therefore, let us to welcome you in the world, where the only limit is your imagination.