Relocable Container Bakery

Container Bakery Features: Modular - Containerized Units, Heating ventilating and air conditioning system, water and electrical distribution, waste water treatment and power generation, central hot water heating.

Foundation:  Steel Containers can be istalled on steel skids designed for Arctic or Desert conditions as facility of Mining Camp, Oil & Gas field, Military Camp atc..

Container Bakery Rooms: Bakery unit, Engineer unit, Equipment and material storage, Office, Container bakery shop.

Projecting | Delivery | Installation | Start up | Staff training

Technical specification: Dough handling systems | Weighing systems | Water/Salt/Yeast dosing and measuring systems | Beating machines

Mixers | Lifting tippers | Dough dividers for bread | Dough dividers for bread rolls | Round and long formers | Baguette machines | Bread roll machines | Dough laminating machines | Croissant —making machines | First Proofer | Final Proofers | Shaping and injection machines

Rack ovens | Deck Ovens | Bake —off ovens | Slicing and packaging machines                                                                                                        Systems and process control

White breads• Dark breads • Baguettes • Batone • Half baguettes • Buns • Roll • Puff pastry • and much more . . .


Create a trendy bakery shop or stylish store with a  Container Store...

The house is modularized...

Very variable..

You can choose the size and shape...