Funny Cake Machine

Final product:

Funny Cake with filling

Weight 15g


Sponge cake dough mixing

Planetary mixer SP-​​50HI with  bowl incl. 1 extra bowl

Bowl volume: 50 litres

Motor: 1500W, Electro   400V/​50Hz/​3 phases

Amount of Speeds:  3

             - 99 rotations/​min

             - 176  rotations/​min

             - 320 rotations/​min

Sizes (w x l x h):  73 x 64 x 130cm

Weight:                270kg

Amount of bowls: 2


              Flat beater

              Spiral hook

              Wire whip

Forming and baking

Funny Cake Machine 2000, electrical

the machine serves for dosing of dough and filling into the moulds,                    forming and baking of sponge dough products

-dough : sponge dough

-filling :  termostable

-construction: stainless steel

-two hoppers for  dough – the machine allows to produce two colour products

Machine type:  Funny Cake 2000

Baking molds:  26 molds, 5 characters: bear, squirrel, rabbit, turtle, hippo

Baking time:  2,5-3 min

Final product weight: 10 – 15 grams

Filling weight: 3 – 6 grams

Machine length: 3650 mm

Width: 1100 mm

Height: 1440 mm

Weight: 1300 kg

Capacity: 2000 pieces/hour,  30 kg/hour

Energy: Electricity

Electricity consumption: 15 kW

Electricity connection: 3N PE 50Hz, 230/400V/TN-S

 Conveyor:   Straight, belt conveyor

Conveyor length:  6050 mm

Coneyor height:  800-900 mm

Belt width:   570 mm

Cooling length:   4500 mm

Width of the tunnel:   1200 mm

Height of the tunnel:   1900-2000mm

Belt:    Ammeraal Beltech

Electricity:   3N PE 50Hz, 230/400V, TN-S

Input:   5,5 kVA

Protection:   IP 42

Shortest cooling time:   40 seconds

Longest cooling time:   11 minutes


Cooling tunnel CHTD1

-the tunnel serves for cooling of the finished products before packaging


Vertical packaging machine HBV5A incl. accessories (infeed conveyor and short outfeed conveyor for packed products)

-the machine serves for packaging of the products produced by Funny Cake 2000 machine into bags, e.g. 5 pieces per bag

Sizes (without dosing equipment), h x w x l:  1700 x 910 x1370 mm

Weight (without dosing equipment):  350 kg

Maximal width of the packaging material:  480mm

Maximal width of the bag:  300mm

Capacity (depends on the packaging material):  up to 40 strokes/min.

Installed input:   2,5kVA

Electrical connection:   3N PE 50Hz, 230/400V/TN-S

Trolleys, 3 pieces

-decks amount:              15

-sizes (h x l x w):             192 x 73 x 67 cm